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Island Books is now selling Suede Oven Mitts an Aprons in both kids and adult sizes!



Holiday Kitchen Must-Haves

The holidays are nearly upon us and we know that means cooking, cooking and more cooking! Here are a few kitchen must-haves that will make your time in the kitchen more efficient!

VMatter Knife
Whether you are a gourmet cook or are a big fan of the microwave, everyone needs a really good knife.  The LiquidDiamond Series knives are made with one of the hardest alloys on earth and is ultra sharp. This knife is durable and made to last and will make holiday chopping much quicker (and more enjoyable!).

BELLA 2 X 2.5QT Linkable Slow Cooker System Are you in charge of side dishes? These units can be used individually or simultaneously with a single power source and are the perfect size to make several of your famous sides and dips. Also great to take with you to a holiday potluck!

Casserole Carrier
Bringing your scrumptious stuffing or sweet potatoes to Thanksgiving this year? This carrier is perfect for transporting all your favorite dishes because it keeps the food hot and your car clean from messy spills. It’s easy to clean and for an added bonus – it looks classy too!

Carrington Farms’ Liquid Coconut Cooking Oils  How about saving some time by not having to slice or dice garlic or rosemary? These new cooking oils are liquid coconut oil infused with garlic, rosemary or Sriracha. Yes! All the benefits of traditional coconut oil but without the flavor or odor of coconuts!

Suede Mitt  This will not only be the most stylish oven mitt you’ll ever have, it also has a dual purpose. It’s a hot pad and an oven mitt without the bulkiness of a quilted oven mitt. It’s pliable, super efficient and did I mention super sleek looking?

COOKINA® Cuisine Reusable Baking Sheet  I would be shocked if you didn’t bake at least once (or multiple times) during the holiday season. This reusable baking sheet goes on top of your cookie sheet and leaves no mess. Nothing sticks to it and it’s easy to wash.


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My Favorite Potholder


Suede Mitt Potholder from Jane Domestic

• $29

As it is the season to turn on the oven, and to haul out your heavy Dutch oven and enameled baking dishes, let me revisit my favorite potholder — capable of manhandling these workhorse pots and pans in and out of the oven without a scratch. Meet my favorite potholder: the suede mitt from Jane Domestic.

This suede mitt is another level of protection. I don’t know about you, but I have had tons of really subpar hot pads and oven mitts — they soak up water, develop hot spots, and get holes. If I had a nickel for every burn I acquired thanks to my cheap-o IKEA potholders letting me down, well, I’d buy you a drink.

This oven mitt is more expensive, yes, but it has been going strong for me for nearly two years. (Read my original review here.) When it gets dirty I just throw it in the washing machine (I wash it in cold water) and air dry. Easy.

And the material keeps me safe from burns; I’ve hauled around so many cast iron skillets and heavy Dutch ovens with this mitt, no extra protection required. It folds easily around pot handles, and I can use it as a regular potholder or slip my hand inside to use as a mitt.

It’s a product I love so much — I thought it was time to revisit and tell you that it has not only held up beautifully but makes me covet a second or third, so I can get rid of all the lesser potholders in my drawer.

And the best news? It comes in black now! Very chic.

(Image credits: Jane DomesticFaith Durand)

The Suede Mitt and the Salad Sets are now sold at Marine Area 7!

marine area 7

The Suede Mitt is now sold at Metropolitan Market!


Click here to find a location near you.

edible SEATTLE mentioned the Suede Mitt in their End of the Year Gift Guide November/December 2014 issue!


All things Jane Domestic are now sold at Canal Market – 2919 Fuhrman Avenue East – Seattle, WA 98102!


The Suede Mitt and the Serving Board are now sold at!


Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 11.08.33 AM

I Finally Found the Perfect Potholder. And It’s Blue Suede, of All Things!


Item: Suede Mitt from Jane Domestic
Price: $29
Overall Impression: Surprisingly practical and a really great potholder!

I don’t know about you, but I have trouble with oven mitts, hot pads, potholders — whatever you want to call them. These are essential and heavily used in my kitchen, but I’ve never been able to get comfortable with one.

Until now. I finally found my all-time perfect, practical, ovenproof potholder, and — bonus! — it’s beautiful too. And yet it’s made out of the most surprising material.

Before I tell you about the solution to my problem, though, let’s talk about the problem. I have the worst time finding good potholders. They’re either too thick and stiff, poking their way into the side of your cake or casserole. (Don’t even get me started on silicone oven mitts — no good!) Others, like the inexpensive potholders from IKEA that I stock up on since they’re so cheap, let the heat right through. I can’t hold anything truly hot with one of those potholders for more than a few seconds!

And then there are a few rare good and pretty potholders that I’ve bought in the past that got dirty and ripped up so fast they just didn’t last.

Why is it so hard to make a good potholder? It has to just do a few things: Protect your hand, be flexible enough to wrap around a dish, and be cleaned easily.

It seems easy enough but is weirdly difficult to find. So I was a little skeptical when Jane DePaolo, the founder of Jane Domestic, emailed me to tell me about her new Suede Mitt. Jane was a wardrobe stylist who got an idea from an old suede potholder she had years ago. She says, “I’d used that hot pad for over ten years and loved it, but I couldn’t find one to replace it. I decided to make one myself, and then thought, ‘I should sell this!'”

I was dubious about suede — it seemed very pretty, but how would I clean it? Those concerns went out the window though the first time I used it. I pulled a blazing hot cast iron skillet out of the oven and didn’t feel more than a pleasant warmth. It is thin and flexible, yet very sturdy. I love how it has pockets on both sides of the mitt so it’s easy to slip it on wherever you grab it.

And cleaning? Again, surprisingly easy! If it gets food on it I just scrub it quickly with a damp kitchen cloth. Jane says that it will eventually develop a patina like regular leather.

So far so good — it has been my dream potholder. The only drawback is the cost, but if it lasts ten years, like Jane’s original, then I think it’s worth it!

Find It! Suede Mitt, $29 at Jane Domestic. Comes in Navy, Gray, Tan, and Burnt Orange.
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(Image credits: Faith Durand)




The Suede Mitt is now available at The London Plane
at 300 & 322 Occidental Ave. S Seattle, WA 98104 206-624-1374!